Poetry - Jahaziel Romero's Success Story

successThis is the fellow that called Thursday morning saying that I was lost and that I was running late to class. I'm writing to reply to the Successful Poets bulletin. I have been writing for years, but I never understood why or the power that it has. I'm going through a rough time with a relationship and I'm a person that does not open up to people. This muddy ground that i'm walking on is becoming harder and harder every day. Not only did I lose a girlfriend, but I also lost a friend. I considered her to be my best friend.

The relationship didn't end on an I hate you or you hate me thought. We are both Christians and we are leaving everything to God, we are doing what a lot of people would consider to be extreme or simply outrageous. Society now in day has chosen to leave God out of everything and as a result we have seen the divorce numbers incline like never before in history. I write because for the first time ever I have the desire to share my writing with people, not to call for attention or to have people feel sorry for me. I don't want this to be a religious story, but more of a success story to my personal life.

The hardest thing to do is to let go the wheel and become the passenger and NOT the driver. I don't have the friend that I used to talk to everyday and tell her how everything was in my life, so instead I turn to my writing. It is here where every word counts, where every sentence is a beat and every paragraph becomes a part of my life. I hear other poets and I am inspired by the energy that they can give, and I too want to be able to do that to others. I want to make the words become true in your life I want the syllables to be a vivid picture in your mind. I want to be able to help others go through what seems like the hardest point in ones life. I have no success story to say that I have been promoted cause of writing, or that I have gathered hundreds because of my writings, I don't have a story, but I have an ongoing piece that I call life, my writings are only a reflection. My story lies in each piece of writing that is composed by the best poet himself. God.

Jahaziel Romero Long Beach, Ca

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