Moon Rhythms in Nature: How Lunar Cycles Affect Living Organisms

by Klaus-Peter Endres


Moon Rhythms In NatureThis brilliantly written book discusses various observations of how lunar influences the earth's bio­sphere including plants and humans. It begins with an introduction of the astronomy of the moon rhythms and thereafter a study of how the tides and other intricate ocean movements are connected with the life processes of numerous organisms.

The book is richly detailed and it was clearly written for the general reader. The chapters lead up to the spectrum of human rhythms and describe the whole concept of time.

'What a great way to combine awesome readability with academic rigor! A lot of fundamental questions were answered in the first two chapters concerning the tides and moon. The book is an excellent source for every science teacher or lay person who need clarifications on how the moon affects our life on earth; be it past, present or future.' - Camphill Correspondence, March 2003

'This interesting study assembles various observations of how lunar influences living organisms including plants and humans. For a lay individual who doesn’t know much about the subject of how the earth's biosphere is influenced by lunar, this book is a great place to start' - Watkins Review, Spring 2003

'This book was written in an appealing, poetic style suitable to the rhythms of nature. This book does justice to the vital, dynamic "element" of time; I'd recommend it any time' - Martin Lockley, Scientific and Medical Network Review, August 2003

'Here, the authors' premise that the Moon affects all facets of life, just as the Sun and other forces does, is very rational. This book is a helpful resource of this entire phenomenon and pulls together an extensive collection of information. It reveals insights about the ways in which the Moon affects various aspects of life on Earth. It also mulls over some important questions such as: how it affects the birth and death, evolution, and the nature of time and rhythm of life.' - Baelder Journal

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About the Author

Klaus-Peter Enders, Ph.D., is currently a lecturer at the Institute for Evolutionary Biology at the Uni¬versity of Witten-Herdecke in Germany. He was a part of the Max-Planck Group that worked on structural molecular biology in the city of Hamburg.