The Thank You Economy

The Thank You EconomyThe revolutionary platform that has emerged from online social media engagements are termed as The Thank You Economy. Whether we recognize it or not but most of us engage ourselves in it as its real, and not any theoretical business concept or strategy. The Thank You Economy pertains to the way we interact as customers or businessmen, the way we buy or sell and the way we communicate whether online or offline. This economy was born and evolved through the internet via social media platforms that give tremendous power to the opinion and reviews of products and services, and the businessmen are faced with tougher competition than ever.

Nowadays, it is impossible to gag the customerís awareness or opinion by dance of dollars, shut out the competition, overwhelming the airwaves or other multimedia marketing. The Thank You Economy has democratized the business world where customers demand originality, honesty, creativity, authenticity, and good intent that made the companies to provide very personalized services just like the days of our forefathers when businessmen gave personal attention to each of their customers.

Gary Vaynerchuk who happens to be a very renowned entrepreneur explains how the businessmen can use the same social media platform described on, that give the customers all the powers, to provide their entire customer base a more personal one to one interaction. The Thank You Economy offers a platform to slice down any attempt by businessmen to show that dance of dollars and ensure that only those businessmen will survive in the long run who showed that they care for their customers instead of shelling resources on mind-blowing advertisement campaigns. In todayís market only those businessmen will profit who can harness the social media platform or shift their business culture to be customer friendly.